SHAZIMAN ABU MANSOR tiba-tiba mendapat perhatian Perdana Menteri. Bekas Menteri Kerjaraya itu ditawarkan satu jawatan dalam pentadbiran Najib. Bukan menteri dalam Kabinet tetapi menggantikan tempat Allahyarham Jamaluddin Jarjis.  Difahamkan pada mulanya Shaziman menolak tawaran itu.  Dia kemudiannya dipujuk. Ditolak lagi. Sehinggalah dipujuk lagi, akhirnya beliau terpaksa akur.
Ikuti juga tulisan sahabat saya Rocky dalam: The Gentleman YB is back!
Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.58.29 PM
Two years ago, some people wanted us to believe that Shaziman Abu Mansor, who was Works Minister, had been “dropped” from Najib Razak’s Cabinet. Well, I hear the man’s back, recalled to fill a void in PM Najib Razak’s Administration left by the late Jamaluddin Jarjis
I used to be skeptical of this MP of Tampin but by opting to leave his ministerial post to focus son his Constituency after the last general election,  thus allowing others a shot at the Cabinet, Shaziman confirmed he was far from selfish, the kind of man a the Prime Minister badly needs around him now.  
He once proposed a mandatory registration for bloggers so as to make everyone in cyberspace accountable for his action and word, but we were all dead against it [I’m a gentleman blogger, 23/8/2006] because we suspected it was a trick to curb freedom. With the benefit of hindsight, I think the idea was just a little ahead of its time.  
Shaziman would fit right in if Najib decides to do a Cabinet reshuffle. Like right about now is the right time for that long-overdue reshuffle, seeing that we are exactly half-way the current 13th Parliament. Many people I spoke to think the PM should let someone else be the MoF (but not his younger brother Nazir). One CEO blogger says it should be this someone else

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